Reservation Procedure Manual


  1. Check for reservation inquiries every 2 hours between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm MST.  Ideally setup and turn on notifications for, so your phone and/or computer advise you when a reservation has come in.  


  1. Use a template to answer common questions.


  1. When checking for new Guest Inquiries from any of the 5 possible platforms (Airbnb, Vrbo, Rabookings, Trip Advisor or use, as they will all channel through to this email. 


3.1.  We get some US where the time zones are virtually the same as Canada, but European and Asian inquiries will generally anticipate a lag time for a response on both sides and may fall outside of the regular work hours. Delayed response to these is acceptable.


3.2. We use as the Reservation email, and the email to send funds for all reservations under River Valley Haven. If the reservation is under the Enchanted Cottage, advise use of for sending any financial transfers. Credit Card numbers must be taken over the phone and run, and then destroyed after the Guest has checked out and left no damages. Those deposits will automatically go to 9113 and will have to be transferred back to the Cottage account by the Bookkeeper if they are so related.


3.3 All Guest information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.


  1. Address inquiries from guests as close to their time of inquiry as possible because it is part of the logarithm ranking system. The sooner the better. Please approve or reject reservations according to specific criteria:


4.1. There are no other bookings for that particular property according to the Master Calendar.

4.2. The price quoted is correct or close to the amount according to our pricing schedule. Prices vary slightly between booking engines.

4.3. 9% TAX 

Ensure that both the 4% Tourism Tax and the 5% GST are charged to the booking. Hence it is charged correctly for all taxable services of the guest such as Room Rate, Extra Person Charge and Cleaning Fee.

4.4. The NUMBER OF GUEST that are mentioned in the Guests’ communication are the same number of Guests that have been charged in the quote. (Sometimes Guests inform us that there are more people in their party but they only put 1 down for the number of Guests on the Search Engine Booking Voucher.  This is not acceptable. Therefore, politely invite them to correct the number of people in their party. It is to be reported if they arrive with more Guests than stated and they will be charged.

4.5.  Normally we do not accept PETS.  We occasionally make an exception for a long term booking. If there is something unusual about a booking, it should be brought to the Manager’s attention, as we might be flexible in some situations.

4.6. Check the rating of the potential Guest, any red flag of recklessness, misconduct, or in general a bad review must be brought to the Manager to consider whether not to approve the reservation.

4.7. If there is a problem or an unusual request, a wedding or other more complex or complicated bookings, contact theManager and let them handle it.



5.1. BOOKING.COM* Does not charge the Guest a Damage Deposit(DD), therefore we need to contact the Guest to provide a credit card or an interac transfer immediately after they book. In the event the guest requests to pay by Cash upon check-in, we may advice them due to COVID we discourage any cash transactions, but always refer to the General Manager first. Credit Card processing is only available from May till the end of September.


5.2. FOR RABOOKINGS.COM* Damage Deposit should be sent right away by the Guest to confirm the booking. Politely advise that a Booking is not considered a confirmed reservation until the deposit is received and door codes are not provided until both the Rent and the Damage Deposit have been received.


5.3. Ensure that we follow up to ensure the Guest pays their rental fee 2 weeks prior to their arrival and that the Deposit was received previously. 


5.4. When the DD is refunded, a copy of the receipt should be forwarded to the Guest’s email so they know the security word, and copy to,, and Then the information pertaining to the Damage Deposit on our Master’s Calendar should have a strikethrough to indicate it is refunded also add the Date refunded beside it.



Housekeeping Information is derived from the Master Calendar.


6.1.  The Master Calendar should be bolded up across every Sundays to visually group reservations by weeks. 


6.2.  When early Check-ins are requested, we say that the Guest can drop their bags off anytime after 2:00 but housekeeping may not be quite finished till 4:00 pm and we will advise if earlier. Use the template created for this question. The Manager may make an exception in a unique situation. If you think you have encountered one, refer it on to the Manager.


6.3. Ensure we know the approximate Check-in Time for all Guests and it is recorded in the Reservation Calendar.


6.4. Ensure the Guest provides their Email and Cell Phone number so we can contact them if we have a problem prior to their arrival. 


6.5. Late Check-outs are particularly difficult at the Cottage because of the time it takes to Housekeep. Noon often can be accommodated at the River Valley Haven but we need to have 2 Staff on to do a fast turn around with the Cottage.  Refer to Manager.


6.6. Allergies or any other special communication should be recorded on the Reservation Calendar and noted to the Manager.

6.7. Follow up and/or update Check-in times, Cell and Email information for Guests as it comes in.

6.8. Be sure that Damage Deposits (DD) are Recorded and later marked Returned to the Guest. Please notify the Manager if a DD has not been received 2 days prior to the Guests arrival or if their DD has not been returned before 10 days past their departure.



7.1. WELCOME LETTER: Send our Welcome Letter (WL) that are setup as Templates in each of the Booking Engines to all Guests in order to acknowledge the Booking to our Guests.

7.2. The Welcome Letter

The WL Requests the Guests to provide their email and phone number. Follow up and record the email and cell phone number on the Master Calendar.  

7.3. Three (3) Days prior to arrival, ensure the Guests know the current Security Door Code. Ensure they also know the Lock Box Code and directions to access, if they are staying in the Hidden Hollow or the River Blossom. HH _ _ _ _  RB _ _ _ _. They do not need to know the Gym at this time.

7.4. Also prior to arrival, (ideally 3 days prior to arrival) Provide a Door Code to each Guest for their property they booked. Also provide any kind of information the guest may need, like the phone number of the Operations Manager in case of emergency. Also ensure they did receive their Welcome Handbook. 


NOTE: that All codes must be changed on a monthly basis and updated in this manual* 


The following should be sent to each guest prior to arrival based on their booking:


7.5.1. River Blossom and Hidden Hollow codes are currently 3995, Watermark 4995, Cottage 2995 and for your reference Elowen is 5995 (TO CHANGE PERIODICALLY)


7.5.2. The Enchanted River Cottage - Enter 4 digit code. Then press the button with the picture of a lock. Pull the door gently toward you as you press the lock button to unlock.

Current door Code: 2995 


7.5.3. The Watermark Suite - Enter 4 digit code and the door will unlock automatically. Press the lock button to lock it.
Current door Code: 4995


7.5.4. The Elowen Suite - Enter 4 digit code then press the button with the picture of a lock. Pull the door towards you to help the lock open with ease. Press the lock button to lock it. 
Current door Code: 5995


7.5.5. The River Blossom Suite - Provide the Back Door code. The Lock box is located just inside the back entrance with the initials of the Suite’s name to identify it. Enter code to access keys to the suite’s entrance key. 

Current Back Door Code    : 3995

Current RB Lock Box Code: 5557


7.5.6. The Hidden Hollow Suite - Provide the code to the Back Door  and the Lockbox, which is located at the back entrance. Enter code to access the door key. The Suite is located on your left. 

Current Back Door Code    : 3995

Current HH Lock Box Code: 5556


7.5.7 When leaving the premise, pull the door gently toward you and press the lock button on the door keypad to secure back door.



A Messenger phone call should be made to advise the Manager of any last minute bookings. This should happen if the Reservation is within 3 days of the current date in order for  the Cleaning Schedule to be adjusted.

  1. CHECK- IN

Once the guests are settled, email the guests greeting them and extending our hospitality by making sure they have everything they need. Example “Hello, it's a pleasure to be your host, let us know if there's anything we can do for you”.



On the day the guests are checking out, send an email encouraging them to leave a comment, review or provide us with a photo or feedback. These should be passed to the Operations Manager to be given to our Staff Person doing our Social Media.




11.1 The Reservation Receptionist sends the rental agreement in a PDF format, with an accurate invoice and Guest’s details as soon as the guest confirms their reservation. Be sure to include GST, Tourism Tax and Cleaning Fee.


11.2 The Reservation Receptionist should make sure that the guest will be sending back the signed contract as well as their payment and damage deposit to confirm their reservation if made through


11.3 The Reservation Receptionist should advise the Guest that they can print and sign the Rental Agreement or they can use an electronic PDF signature and return it.





13.1 The Reservation Receptionist should make sure that cancelled reservations are still listed in the Masters Calendar and strikethrough all details.


13.2 In the event that the guest did not mention the reason for their cancellation, ask the guest politely why they cancelled their reservation and note in the Masters Calendar.


13.3 100% refund will be made for cancellations more than 2 weeks prior to check-in date, No refund thereafter unless there are special circumstances. Often the Operations Manager will mae an exception and charge a $60 Admin fee and provide the Guest with a credit if we rebook suite or a refund depending on the circumstances.


  1. Organize all comments and FEEDBACK for review and database.


  1. Have REGULAR MEETINGS with Management, Cleaning and Maintenance Supervisors so that all departments have an overall understanding of the whole business, and improve coordination.     


  1. When the Receptionist notes a Reservation Inquiry, they determine whether the Reservation is an Instant Booking and a Greeting is issued or an Inquiry where there are questions to be answered prior to their booking. As required, Guests questions should be answered using the most appropriate of the templates provided for common questions or refer the question to the Manager if you do not know.


  1. We also want to devise a means of tracking how many inquiries and how many we turn into a solid reservation. Also we want to track how far in advance Guests are booking their stay by writing in the date of the day they booked.


  1. We need to track both questions, and answers. Specifically so we have a variety of answers in a collection of templates. They should be slightly adjusted as appropriate.